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iPad App revamp proposal for the Art Institute of Chicago (with a focus on Alsdorf Galleries).




This project was designed in the studio elective From Page to Screen at School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the guidance of Geoffery Alan Rhodes and Stephen Farrell.

This project was prototyped by Minshuo Tang.

Presentation available on request.

The Project:

The Art Institute of Chicago, founded in 1879 and located in Chicago's Grant Park, is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. With its permanent collection of nearly 300,000 works of art is augmented by more than 30 special exhibitions mounted yearly that illuminate aspects of the collection and present cutting-edge curatorial and scientific research, the Art Institute of Chicago can be a tough space to navigate. 

For our proposal for the iPad app revamp, we decided to focus on creating a customizable experience for museum visitors based on their specific areas of interest. The ‘Build Your Journey’ section of the app organizes tags by time, place, material, medium, artist, topics and a lot more for you to be able to pick and choose from and create your own journey through the museum.

The app selects items in the museum that match your interest and organizes and displays them on a map that you can use with your GPS.  It also provides you additional information about the items not available in the collection notes, helps you find other related items from around the world, suggests tours and shows you should visit in the museum based on your tags.

The Userflow:

Userflow details.

The Wireframes:

Initial medium fidelity wireframes for the application were designed in Sketch.

The Design:

The design retains a sense of the institute’s own visual identity created by Pentagram Design, not removing them from their cultural heritage, but translating them into a digital medium. We stuck to the preexisting color palette and combined it with digital typefaces to create a modern look. 

The map of the museum was redesigned for better legibility on the iPad screen.

The MockUps:

Screen Mockups from top to bottom, left to right: 1. Build Your Journey; 2. Build Your Journey – Tags Selected; 3. Build Your Journey – Journey Map; 4. Build Your Journey – Journey Map; 5. Item Details; 6. Item Details – Gallery Options; 7. Item Details; 8. Item Details – On World Map; 9. Item Details – On World Map.


The application was meticulously compiled and prototyped in Facebook Origami for an interactive on-hand iPad experience.

The Final App: