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Website Design and Development for London based filmmaker and cinematographer Dylan Gillah.




In the spring of 2018, London based cinematographer and filmmaker Dylan Gillah approached me to design his website and his digital brand. Dylan is a recent graduate of Bath Spa University’s Film, Television, and Video Production program and has been hailed as an upcoming auteur. Dylan’s most recent projects deal with complex topics like loss and separation, virtual reality, etc. 

“ When looking for a design for my website, I felt I needed something that would reflect the traditional nature of my camerawork. I opt to use tripods and dollies over the handheld look most of the time, which feels more considered. However, the content I work with and what's in front of the camera is far more contemporary and experimental, delving into very present cultural change. My website needed to reflect these two ethos effectively.”

The Design: 

Taking inspiration from Dylan’s work and the brief provided, the visuals developed for the website were a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernity.

Type styles for various heirarchy of information and links on the website were as follows:

Since Dylan is a filmmaker, the color pallete was carefully considered. The information on the website was presented against a dark backdrop, much like in a movie theater.

The Userflow:

The userflow of the website was simple and straightforward. Visitors can navigate between the six main sections quickly and easily through the ever-present fixed navigation bar on the left. The contact section can be opened up on any of the pages. External links to Vimeo, Instagram and IMDB are also ever present on the left navigation bar.

The Wireframes:

Initial medium fidelity wireframes for the website were developed in Sketch. 

Wireframes for a responsive version of the site were also developed for an opitimzed mobile viewing experience.

The Screens:

The Final Website: