Future of Everything

Sagmeister&Walsh, 2019
Role: Designer
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The Future of Everything is a Wall Street Journal magazine that covers future trends in a range of industries, from food and travel to sports and technology. The Future of Everything magazine approached us to create a photo illustration series that helped tell the story of CRISPR, a simple yet powerful technology for editing genomes & allowing researchers to alter DNA sequences.


Self Initiated Project, 2018
Role: Designer, Illustrator, Copywriter

This project was inspired by Uber’s Anthony Levandowski's AI worshiping religion, Way of the Future. The project explored a more naturalistic and holistic look at the future of Artificial Intelligence, stripped of any overt stylization, as it attempts to come up with physical objects that might be associated to a bizarre futuristic prospect. At the center-point of the project is a SIM chip, encased in resin. This idol, paired with ‘The Ekagraata’, ‘The Manual’ and ‘Holy H20’ provide the four tools to achieve successful prayer.

Your Security in Your Hands

Self Initiated Project, 2017
Role: Designer, Copywriter
Presentation available upon request.

Your Security in Your Hands is an absurdist world building project designed to raise awareness on NSA Surveillance. 
The project is an interactive comical satirical commentary on the hypothetical personification of digital surveilance.
It exists in an alternate reality wherein the NSA calls on your nationalistic sentiment to hire a personal spy to follow you around 24x7 and report your activities to the government. The NSA package provided to you contains a research document and a brochure.

Reject Exhibit

Poster commissioned by DSGN FBRC, 2017
Role: Designer, 3D Designer

Call for entries poster commissioned by the South Asian art and design curation platform, DSGN FBRC for their exhibition –  Reject Exhibit, in Mumbai,India.

Graduate Artist Talk

Role: Designer

Flyers designed for my Graduate Artist Talks at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Laser printed on neon colored paper in black ink.

SAIC Visiting Artists

Role: Designer, 3D Designer

Poster for SAIC’s Spring Visiting Artist Program series.