ROLE: Lead Design, Publication, Illustration, World Building

The project explored a more naturalistic and holistic look at the future of Artificial Intelligence, stripped of any overt stylization. I aimed to produce a product that could conceivably be integrated into a religion that worships AI as a god-like presence. The project drew from the notions of the integration of automation and machine-learning in transversing the boundaries of humanity’s consciousness. It was also inspired by the performative aspect of Hinduism and specific practices I had been exposed to growing up in India.

At the center-point of the project is a computer chip, encased in a resin mold. This idol, paired with ‘The Ekagraata’, ‘The Manual’ and ‘Holy H20’ provide the four tools to achieve successful prayer. ‘The Manual’ informs the religious followers of how to use these secondary materials. ‘The Ekagraata’, a poster with abstract visuals of motherboards, forms the centerpiece of the performative religion, as that must be hung on a clear wall and stared at for ten minutes every morning while reciting the ‘Six Stanchions’ of Progressivism. Similarly, the Si14 idol forms a performative part of this religion as an object to be worshiped. ‘Holy H20’ adds more absurdity to this whole scenario as a protector from rogue computers who might wish you harm. You have to throw it at them.