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Digital Publication of Introduction to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Wiener Ausgabe (Vienna Edition).




This project was designed in the studio elective From Page to Screen at School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the guidance of Geoffery Alan Rhodes and Stephen Farrell.

Presentation available on request.

The Project:

This German/English book is the introductory volume of a planned 16-volume series presenting the unpublished work of Wittgenstein for the first time. It provides an essential foundation to explore further his work which, in his words, "came about in the course of these long and complex wanderings".

This project focused on translating print design principle for a digital publishing environment. The book was eventually reorganized, redesigned and prototyped for an optimized reading experience on the iOS platform.

The primary challenge with this project was to define who the user of this digital publication was going to be. The persona creation method was two-fold, with the final user being two different personas, one who handles this digital publication as an introduction to the proposal of the redesign of the more significant project and another as an imagined user of the final redesigned version. The whole digital publication was divided into two sections. The editor section gives details on the organizational workings of the proposed project, whereas the user section lets the editor play around with a sample of the digital publication.

The Userflow:

The pivoting point in the print version of the Wiener Ausgabe were the manuscript pages, with their typescript version of Ludwig’s notes. The user flow of the application was divided into two parts, one for the editor and one for the user. The editorial section allowed the board of directors on this proposed project to look into the details of the editorial plan and the back end of the project, whereas the user section allowed us to be inspired by the manuscripts and translate them for an interactive digital environment.

The Wireframes:

Initial medium fidelity wireframes for the application were designed in Sketch. 

The Design:

Keeping in line with the aesthetics of the manuscripts, the type choices and the color palette were a great blend of traditionality and modernity.

Internet Blue was chosen as the accent color to give the app a subtle digital twist against a paper grey backdrop.

Custom icons were designed for the top menubar.

The MockUps:

Screen Mockups from top to bottom, left to right: 1. Editor Menu, 2. Edition Plan, 3. Edition Plan Details, 4. User Menu, 5. Manuscript Sample, 6. Manuscript Sample, 7. Life and Work, 8. Life and Work – Images, 9. Life and Work – Dropdown Menu.


The application was meticulously compiled and prototyped in Facebook Origami for an interactive on-hand iPad experience. 

The Final App: