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Your Security in Your Hands is an absurdist world building project designed to raise awareness on NSA Surveillance.




This project was designed in the studio elective Design Thinking for Social Change at School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the guidance of Tanner Woodford. 

Presentation available on request.

The project exists in an alternate reality wherein the NSA calls on your nationalistic sentiment to hire a personal spy to follow you around 24x7 and report your activities to the government. The NSA package provided to you contains a research document and a brochure called ‘Your Security in Your Hands’ that comes with details on what your spy does, why he does so, how what he does, in turn, protects the nation and more. It also informs you on what not to do around your spy, as well as a crossword puzzle of trigger words that you shouldn’t say out loud (which it advises you not to solve on the paper itself lest the spy see it and think you’re a person of interest). The brochure ends with a reply mail section that you can fill with your personal information and return to hire your very own spy.

The NSA package includes a research document and the pamphlet that says ‘Your Security in Your Hands’, enclosed in an envelope with the NSA seal on it. Envelope: black ink on black card stock; research document: black ink on Newsprint with red vinyl details; pamphlet: black ink on Newsprint with NSA seal sticker and perforated reply mail section. 

Spreads from the research document. Black ink on Newsprint with red vinyl details.

Spreads from the solution pamphlet ‘Your Security in Your Hands’.  Black ink on Newsprint with NSA seal sticker and perforated reply mail section.